SDL Tridion Experience Manager Out of the box now!!!

... Nevermind all the other features…

When you think about it, what do your content managers spend most of their time?

After asking ourselves this question, we came out with an answer:

70% of the content management tasks 
relate to content change

Image if you were able to reduce the amount of time spend on 70% of the content management tasks by a third (probably more).

Well, this is what XPM simplest implementation can do for you.

Reducing the number of Clicks
Let’s focus on Content Change scenario then. You should see how Experience Manager and InForm View and Publishing buttons reduce the number of clicks dramatically by giving you direct access the content and pages.

Now, compare this process against using Tridion CME… are you not impressed yet? … Ok, count the amount of clicks through Structure groups, Folders to find pages and components. 
BTW:  Do not forget to take into account your Blueprinting structure and do not forget your own personal flavor of Folder and Structure group structures.

Reducing Complexity
Still not impressed? … Add now the training required to get content managers comfortable with Tridion CME basics and your special way of storing content and managing website structure.

Increasing acceptance by the organization
How many times have you heard from your content managers, “Tridion is too difficult”. I usually add “… and not very intuitive either”.
Experience Manager used in a simple manner will reduce friction with inexperienced Tridion content managers, will allow them to lower the learning curve and increase acceptance of the solution.

1.     We are unable to confirm empirically that 70% of the tasks are related to content changes. Although, my crystal ball says that something is coming on measuring CMS activity.
2.      We assume that your Tridion implementation follows basic Tridion principles and best practices. Otherwise, implementing XPM out of the box (or any other thing) could be a nightmare.
3.      Tridion CME is a very powerful interface that supports many of our loved Tridion features (like Blueprinting). However, many content managers prefer to take it one feature at the time

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