Mobile – Strategy & Requirements and SDL Tridion Blueprinting

Many wonder how SDL Tridion can help us enabling mobile device capabilities for our websites. Many also wonder how Blueprinting  can help us roll-out websites for mobile devices.

Also, many have not defined the strategy and high level requirements of a website for Mobile devices.

As you should know, strategy and requirements should be identified first. Then, only then, solutions can be defined.

So when asked, ‘what can you do for us in the mobile device area?’, no one should be surprised if the answer is ‘what do you want to achieve with a website for mobile devices?’

If you are still not sure about your strategy, perhaps this article can help you. Ian Truscott (VP products for SDL Tridion) provides great tips for marketers

Mobile requirements definition for Blueprinting

Once you have defined strategy and high level requirements finding the Blueprinting that fits your needs should be an easier process.

The Blueprint solutions go around 3 main topics, in relation to a 'normal' website :
  1. Re-usability of the content (text & multimedia) in the mobile websites
  2. Re-usability of website functionality in the mobile websites
  3. Re-usability of website structure and pages in the mobile websites

Mobile websites and Responsive HTML

You can create a website with Responsive HTML. This will mean that you can produce one single website to satisfy all devices.  This also means that your Blueprint will not be affected by the Mobile device requirements.

Just a point to consider, do you want the customer experience to be the same when you are using one device or another? Would this satisfy your customer?

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  1. I love the focus on business requirements. A lot of time when talking about BluePrinting, we'll jump into either CMS functionality (we right-click and localize here) or the API. That's great for implementers, but doesn't give context for Content Management Organizations, IAs, or Content Strategists.

    I often quote and refer back to your posts to help me see the big picture but get specific, practical examples. I think I even understand the differences between internationalization, localization, and channels now.

    My 2 pesos on Mobile sites in Tridion would not to assume "Mobile" is the same as a Publication Level or Layer, which I think is supported by this post.

    Now I have another post to refer to in my projects!